Yep, this is the one. You can stop searching now. Just bookmark this page and come back here when you wanna remember some basic tmux keystroke or to setup a basic tmux config in a fresh Linux/Unix box 😉

Tmux is a terminal multiplexer. Wait, what? Why I need that?

  • You just connected to a Linux box through SSH, but hey, I want to run more than one command at a time! One shell is just not enough! Use tmux and you can have any number of terminals you want!
  • You connected to a Linux box through SSH, but hey…

How The Grid was teaching its Artificial Intelligence to see and paint.

Note: I wrote this post back in the day I worked as an AI Engineer at The Grid. It was a crazy ride, with lots of interesting people and challenges. I left The Grid years ago but some ideas are still relevant to augment design using AI. The content of this post were originally published on The Grid itself and since there's no mirrors around, I'm sharing it here and I hope you enjoy it.

Augmenting and automating design of websites involve many steps and the areas I had my hands allover were on Computer Vision (CV) and Generative Art…

While watching a interview with Yann LeCun I took some notes and written down some comments of my own, together with useful references to works cited by LeCun. Other people shared valuable notes already and here it goes my free interpretations. They can run wild sometimes and are probably wrong or open to debate, so please feel free to let me know if I misunderstood some concepts.

Do not believe on well defined logic/symbolic rules, but on gradient-based learning.

Logic representation and graphs are too rigid and too brittle/fragile.

Main issue is knowledge acquisition: how to reduce a bunch of…

Vilson Vieira

Coder, applied physicist and artist. I create algorithms that create. CTO at Extend AI. Half of 2aliens.

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